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Here are four ways to find your mortgage or re-mortgage:

  1. Do it yourself by surfing the internet, meeting various lenders and analysing vast permutations of rates and types of mortgages.
  2. Deal with an adviser tied to a single lender
  3. Rely on a mortgage adviser tied to a limited number of lenders
  4. Obtain impartial advice from a 'whole of market adviser'

What is a 'Whole of Market Adviser?'

A whole of market adviser must be independent of any lender and is able to sift through many thousands of mortgages to find the very best loan for you.

How does this work?

We introduce you to a member of our network of 'Whole of Market Advisers'. They use sophisticated software systems that will quickly identify the very best mortgage for you. This is achieved by asking you the right questions and listening to what you want.

Re-mortgage or Secured Loan?

Sometimes it may not be in your interest to re-mortgage if your existing mortgage early exit penalties are too high compared with the amount you wish to raise. In this instance a good secured loan may be far less costly, even if the interest rate is higher. Your whole of market adviser will help you make the right choice.

Save your time and money now, simply complete the enquiry form for an initial consultation without any charge or obligation whatsoever.

"Think carefully before securing debts against your home. Your home may be repossessed if you do not keep up repayments on your mortgage"

Adverse credit mortgages: If you are looking for adverse credit mortgages, we can help!

Let Express Funding Solutions Help You...

Find the Best Mortgage Advice from Mortgage Brokers in Manchester and the North West.

How a Cheap Mortgage
Can Cost You Dearly!

Great, so you have scoured the internet and found some low interest rate mortgages that have cheaper repayments than all the others, so is there a catch? The answer is often a resounding yes!! You need to look closely at all the Knobs and whistles.

Higher Lending Charge

One of the largest extras is the 'Higher Lending Charge'. Certain lenders impose this fee if you are borrowing a high percentage of the purchase price. This is to buy insurance in case the house has to be repossessed and sold for less than the outstanding loan. However the insurance company still has the right to pursue the borrower for the deficit claimed. A first time buyer may pay up to 3% for a 100% mortgage. That's £3,000 extra to pay for every £100,000 borrowed!

Early repayment Penalties

Some lenders understandably charge an early exit penalty (if you redeem your mortgage early) in return for a low fixed or discounted rate. However some charge overhang penalties that can continue for many years even after your discounted or fixed rate has finished, so you could be liable for up to 7% early redemption penalty. That's £7,000 extra to pay on every £100,000 of mortgage redeemed. These penalties reduce proportionately to nil over a specified number of years.

Broker Fees

Broker arrangement fees may be up to 2%+ of the loan, especially for difficult or adverse credit mortgages, so that's another £2,000 extra to pay for every £100,000 borrowed.

Other Charges

Some lenders niftily inflate survey, legal and arrangement fees. Like most fees, they can often be added to your loan and why not? Lenders can then charge interest on their charges!

How to Avoid These High Charges

Simply consult a good 'whole of market mortgage adviser' able to sift out all these exorbitant charges with sophisticated software and save you a fortune. A modest adviser fee should be returned many fold by huge savings in charges and interest payments. Complete a no obligation enquiry form on this site now!

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